Welcome to the RED MOVEMENT

The RED MOVEMENT offers educational information regarding human trafficking around the world and how to combat it.

The RED MOVEMENT supports charities that work to combat human trafficking while increasing awareness of how our everyday purchasing power can impact human trafficking.

Human trafficking is all around us.

Human trafficking is prevalent in almost every industry from the coffee we drink to the chocolate we devour and even the clothes we wear. These industries have been tainted by modern-day slavery.  And a dark veil has consistently been placed over consumers’ eyes to keep them from knowing the simple dirty secret – child and slave labor are growing around the world and we, as shoppers, are the number one supporters with every poor purchasing choice we make.

Our purchasing choices unintentionally support corporations that mistreat their workers, dump toxic chemicals into the environment, and use slave labor, child labor, and/or forced labor to create their products sold around the world.  We support global sporting events that contribute to sex trafficking and slavery often blindly.

We often don’t realize how our purchasing choices have an impact.  And how human trafficking is all around us.  Literally.

Every. Single. Day

The purpose of the RED MOVEMENT is to change that now and for the future.

Join US.