The Red Movement Q&A

Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

By Shadan Kapri

1. What is The Red Movement?

The Red Movement is a social justice and environmental justice movement that shows every single person what they can do to fight these problems in their own lives. The book, “The Red Movement,” takes readers on a journey to fight social injustices around the world starting in their own homes. It reveals how modern-day injustices are connected to the items we purchase every day from the coffee beans harvested by child slaves in Africa to the clothes made by forced labor, slave labor, or child labor in parts of India and China.

Most people have no idea their consumerism is supporting the growth of human trafficking or environmental destruction. Think of it this way, if one person buys a product made by slave labor, forced labor, or child labor nothing happens. Yet, when millions of people buy products made by exploitative practices or support products that result in environmental pollution, then we are collectively expanding and supporting these injustices every day. Millions of times a day.

The Red Movement also connects the injustices against the Earth to the injustices against people by showing that environmental justice is a human rights issue. The same mentality that exploits people for greater profit, also exploits and pollutes the Earth for the same reasons.

The Red Movement uncovers the secrecy that has allowed this to expand the last 50+ years.

2. Why is it called The “Red” Movement?

Red symbolizes blood. Red symbolizes life. Regardless of our differences, we all have red blood running throughout our bodies. It’s the color that binds us as human beings. It’s a color that reminds us of our shared humanity because after all injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.

And it’s up to us, collectively, as Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, and Friends to stop social injustice before another generation is impacted.

The fight will take all of us. We each have an important role to play. And the purpose of this movement is to help people understand their role individually and collectively in fighting social injustice and the destruction of the environment in their daily lives.

3. How does The Red Movement make an impact?

It provides solutions to these deeper problems by putting consumers in the driver’s seat. The cornerstone of the movement is that anyone can become an activist, and everyone is an activist through the items they purchase and support every day of their lives.

People’s greatest power is in their consumerism. It’s where their hard-earned money goes. Many people don’t realize that some of the most common items in their homes have been made, harvested, or put together by slave labor, forced labor, or child labor. The Red Movement lifts that veil of secrecy to usher in a new era of human rights reform linked to protecting the environment.

4. How is The Red Movement different from other social justice movements?

The Red Movement is different because it gives people actual tools and actions they can use in their own lives to promote social justice and environmental justice. Protests are a good start, but they are only the start. To make real change we have to be more strategic.

The Red Movement advocates for consumerism and business to be used as a force for real change. The Red Movement empowers people to make conscious choices that align with their values by supporting corporations, products, and even events that promote and foster human rights and environmental protections for generations to come.

Any business model that exploits people or the Earth for profit is the worst kind of privilege that has continued for too long. If companies are unwilling or unable to abide by basic human rights or stop polluting the environment, then they should not be doing business. And we as consumers should not be supporting them.

Exploiting the Earth or people for greater profit margins is the ultimate example of white privilege that has continued for centuries.

5. When did The Red Movement begin and how?

The Red Movement started in 2015 and was globally launched in 2020 through the publication of the book with the same title internationally.

For more information on the book see below.

The Red Movement: Social and Environmental Justice in the 21st Century — Kindle edition by Shadan Kapri. Professional & Technical Kindle eBooks @ (Link)

The Red Movement: Social and Environmental Justice in the 21st Century: Paperback Edition by Shadan Kapri (Link)

Within 3 days of the book launch in March 2020, the first edition of “The Red Movement” became an Amazon Best Seller in Civil Rights Law and the #1 New Release in Civil Rights, the #1 New Release in Labor Law, and #1 New Release in Employment Law on Amazon.

6. Where is The Red Movement book available and how can I learn more?

The Red Movement book is available worldwide and can be purchased in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Denmark, Mexico, Netherlands, India, Canada, Brazil, and Australia.

See links below.

The Red Movement: Social and Environmental Justice in the 21st Century — Kindle edition by Shadan Kapri. Kindle eBooks

The Red Movement: Social and Environmental Justice in the 21st Century: Paperback Edition by Shadan Kapri

The Red Movement Podcast was also launched in 2021 to increase awareness and is available on Apple, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor, Breaker, and RadioPublic.

To listen to the podcast, click the link below.

The Red Movement YouTube Channel was launched in 2020 after the book release to highlight issues surrounding human rights and environmental justice with short videos. Click the link below.


A documentary titled, “How to Save the Planet | The Red Movement Short Film” is available on YouTube and has been submitted to the Cannes Short Film Festival, London Film Week, Sundance, Berlin Film Festival, New York Short Film Festival, New Faces New Voices Film Festival and the 2021 ARFF Paris.

The short documentary can be watched below.

How to Save the Planet | Red Movement Short Film — YouTube

7. Why should I care about this?

This issue impacts all of us. The Black Lives Matter Movement opened people’s eyes to the injustices in plain sight. The Red Movement opens the door wide open to the injustices we don’t see but can be just as damaging, problematic, and systemic while showing the connection between human rights and the environment.

8. What is the one thing you want people to know about The Red Movement?

This movement needs you because you are unique and you have special gifts that only you can bring to the world. There is no one exactly like you, and there never will be. And you do make an impact every single day with every single thing you buy. And it starts with the daily decisions we think are so meaningless and mundane. This is nothing meaningless or mundane about those decisions.

They hold great power. You hold great power. The Red Movement teaches people how to wield that power for good.

Join us by visiting or reading the book.

The Red Movement book cover (first edition) launched in March 2020.

The Red Movement book cover (second edition) launched in June 2021.

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