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The book “THE RED MOVEMENT” is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The second edition was released in June 2021.

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The Red Movement is an environmental and social justice movement that connects the injustices against the Earth to the injustices against people. The Red Movement takes the modern social justice movement forward by showing how environmental justice is a human rights issue.  

The movement provides solutions to these deeper social problems by putting consumers in the driver’s seat. The same mindset that allows for the exploitation of the Earth for resources and money also exploits people for the exact same reasons. A dangerous reality that has continued for too long.

Currently, we are in the midst of a human rights and environmental crossroads since more people are living in slave-like conditions than ever before and the environment is being damaged at an unprecedented rate.

The Red Movement provides new perspectives to fighting these social problems through conscious consumerism that support corporations, products, and even events that leave behind a positive legacy for the environment and people for generations to come. 

The Red Movement brings the terms “everyday activism” and “ethical shopping” to greater global attention since the whole book centers around the idea that everyone can be an activist and everyone is an activist through the items they buy and support every day of their life.  

Look at it this way, if one person buys a product from a company or supports an event that results in the violation of basic human rights (by using slave labor, forced labor, or child labor to make the product) or environmentally damages the Earth (by polluting it) nothing happens.   

Yet, when millions of people buy products from the same company or support the same events that exploit people and the planet, then we are collectively promoting, supporting, and expanding these unethical practices every day.  

Millions of people never realize that they have unknowingly purchased products and thereby supported corporations that: 

1) mistreat their workers

2) exploit their basic human rights

3) expose them to dangerous conditions

4) deny them a livable wage

5) dump toxic chemicals and materials into the environment,

6) contribute to climate change and/or

7) overflow landfills with hazardous waste and toxins.

By buying these products and thereby supporting these corporations and their actions, we engage in unchecked consumerism that is ravaging our planet and leading to the greatest human rights and environmental crises in history.  The Red Movement takes the modern social justice movement forward by giving people solutions and unveiling the cloak of secrecy.

Everyday activists are normal people who care about where their hard earned money is going and will not financially support companies, products, or even events that lead to the exploitation of people or the Earth.

While environmental abuse has grown so has modern-day slavery, the worst injustice of all. The reality is that slavery never really ended; it just changed form and became more embedded and underground than ever before. 

While the world is declared ‘slave free,’ the truth is just the opposite. People are still bought and sold in public auctions, forced to sell their bodies for sex or work in hidden factories or farms under unbearable conditions to harvest or make the items we consume.  Some even toil away on construction sites for the world’s most famous sporting events.

The issue of social injustice has infiltrated almost every area of our lives from the clothes we wear to the diamonds we buy, electronics, shoes, toys, cosmetics, jewelry, and even computers and food.  We consume products not knowing that each of these industries has been tainted by modern-day slavery and we purchase these items thereby promoting and expanding these practices. That is why modern-day slavery, also known as human trafficking, is a 32 billion dollar industry. 

People have been completely unaware regarding how they have been supporting and expanding these unethical practices by buying these products that lead to the abuse of the Earth and/or the abuse of people who make them.

We can’t wait on governments or non-profits to make a difference, otherwise we wouldn’t be in this situation.  The average everyday person has enormous power to right these wrongs in ways that few realize, until now.

The Red Movement works to push the issue of social justice forward by creating a grassroots, international effort to stop systemic injustice, modern-day slavery, and the destruction of the planet through awareness, advocacy, and individual action.

Black Lives Matter opened people’s eyes to the injustices in plain sight.  The Red Movement pushes the door wide open to the injustices that we don’t see but are just as damaging to people and the Earth.

The mission of the movement is to empower people to make conscious choices that align with their beliefs by supporting corporations, practices, and events that promote basic human rights and the environment.  

Consumerism and business must be used as a force for good and many young consumers are demanding this.  A business model that exploits the Earth and/or people for greater profit margin is not sustainable or acceptable. These are the principles the RED Movement is built upon. The Red Movement book and movement was created by Shadan Kapri. 

To learn more about the movement and how you can make a difference read the book, “THE RED MOVEMENT” available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble links below.

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As Margaret Mead so profoundly said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Join us in this global mission.


The RED Movement raises public awareness of human trafficking on a global level and its mysterious connection to the environment.  We increase awareness about how the everyday items we innocently buy have been tainted by modern-day slavery and have impacted the environment in detrimental ways by dumping toxic chemicals in the oceans, cities, and filling landfills. 

From the coffee that is harvested by black child slaves in Africa to the clothes that are created by modern-day slave labor in India and other parts of the world.  The RED Movement increases awareness about how our purchasing power is supporting companies who use slave labor, forced labor, and child labor every day today.  Not when slavery was abolished but today in the 21st century.  And billions of people are completely in the dark about how their hard earned money is supporting modern-day slavery and its proliferation around the world.

The RED Movement strives to raise awareness about human trafficking and its connection to the environment.

The RED Movement strives for:

Social Justice

Environmental Justice

Stopping Modern-Day Slavery

Racial Equality

Social Change

Radical Transparency

Protecting the Environment


Economic Equality 

Preserving Human Rights & Dignity

Empowerment of Marginalized Groups 

Global Action and Change. 

Join us.  Together we CAN and WILL make a difference that spans the globe.


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