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We are in the middle of the greatest human rights and environmental crises in history.  The Black Lives Matter Movement was the beginning to unveiling the systemic racism, discrimination, and injustice in the world today.

In many ways, the Black Lives Matter is the tip of the iceberg. 

THE RED MOVEMENT PODCAST and BOOK help people understand the social justice aftermath of the Black Lives Matter Movement.  These social injustices are not going away.  Instead, some of the most invasive social justice issues of our time are finally being exposed, and there is no turning back.

While racism, discrimination, and injustice have grown so have modern-day slavery.  While the world is declared ‘slave free,’ the truth is just the opposite. People are still bought and sold in public auctions, forced to sell their bodies for sex, or work in hidden factories or farms under unbearable conditions.  Some even toil away on construction sites for the world’s most famous sporting events.

The reality is that slavery never really ended just like racism and discrimination.  In some ways, they expanded, and Black Lives Matter showed a glimpse into a much wider global problem.

We can’t wait on governments or non-profits to make a difference.  The average everyday person has enormous power to right these wrongs in ways that few realize, until now. 

The Red Movement Podcast and Book show people how some of the worst modern-day injustices have been propelled forward by unconscious consumerism.  Few realize it, but items made or harvested by the labor of modern-day slaves are so embedded in our daily lives that we are literally surrounded by them yet fail to see their prevalence in almost every aspect of our lives from certain foods we eat to clothes we wear (made by people living in slave like conditions) to coffee and chocolate harvested by child slaves.

Slave labor is even used in mining and those basic raw materials can find their way into electronics, computers, smartphones, cars, cosmetics and even jewelry. 

Yet most people are unaware of the magnitude of the problem and how modern-day consumerism has been a driving force behind the explosion of exploitation towards humans and the Earth. 

The RED Movement works to push the issue of social justice forward in the aftermath of Black Lives Matter by creating a grassroots, international effort to stop systemic discrimination, modern-day slavery, and the destruction of the planet through awareness, advocacy, and action.

This movement provides new perspectives and solutions to fighting these social justice problems through conscious consumerism that support corporations, products, and even events that leave behind a positive legacy for the environment and generations to come.

Look at it this way, if one person buys a product from a company or supports an event that results in the violation of basic human rights or environmental damage nothing happens.

Yet, when millions of people buy products from the same company or support the same event that exploits people and the planet then we are collectively and silently promoting, supporting, and expanding the unethical and illegal practices we detest.  This happens every day.  

Millions of people don’t realize that they unknowingly purchase products and thereby support corporations who mistreat their workers, exploit their basic human rights, expose them to dangerous conditions, deny them a livable wage, dump toxic chemicals and materials into the environment, or overflow landfills with hazardous waste and toxins.

By buying these products and thereby supporting these actions we engage in unconscious consumerism that is ravaging our planet and leading to the greatest human rights and environmental crises in history.

Black Lives Matter opened people’s eyes to the injustices in plain sight.  The Red Movement pushes that door wide open.

The mission of the movement is to empower people to make conscious choices that align with their beliefs by supporting corporations, practices, and events that promote basic human rights and the environment.  

Consumerism and business must be used as a force for good and many young consumers are demanding this change post Black Lives Matter.  A business model that exploits the Earth and people are no longer sustainable or acceptable in the name of “profit.”  It never was and it never will be.  These are the principles the RED Movement is built upon.

To learn more about the movement and how you can make a difference read the book, “THE RED MOVEMENT” available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble links below.



As Margaret Mead so profoundly said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Join us in this global mission.


The RED Movement raises public awareness of human trafficking on a global level and its mysterious connection to the environment.  We increase awareness about how the everyday items we innocently buy have been tainted by modern-day-slavery and have impacted the environment in a detrimental way.

From the coffee that is harvested by black child slaves in Africa to the clothes that are created by modern-day slave labor in India and other parts of the world.  The RED Movement increases awareness about how our purchasing power is supporting companies who use slave labor and child labor every day now.  Not when slavery was abolished but today in the 21st century.  And billions of people are completely in the dark about how their hard earned money is supporting modern-day slavery and its proliferation around the world.

The RED Movement strives to raise awareness about human trafficking while raising money to support organizations dedicated to fighting it on a local, community, and global level.

The RED Movement strives for:

Social Justice

Racial Equality

Social Change


Protecting the Environment


Preserving Human Rights & Dignity

Join us.  Together we CAN and WILL make a difference that spans the globe.


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