Red Movement Connection to Human Rights & Environment

The reality is that human trafficking is all around us.

Black Lives Matter opened people’s eyes to the injustices in plain sight.  The Red Movement pushes that door wide open to the injustices people don’t see but can be just as alarming and damaging, thereby ushering in a new era of civil and human rights reform linked to saving the planet

The Red Movement takes the modern social justice movement forward by giving people solutions and unveiling the veil of secrecy. While environmental destruction has grown so has modern-day slavery, the worst injustice toward mankind.

There is a common misconception that the world is declared ‘slave free,’ but the truth is just the opposite. In the 21st century people are still bought and sold in public auctions, forced to sell their bodies or work in hidden factories or farms under unbearable conditions, often to harvest or make the items we consume every day.

The Red Movement reveals how slavery never really ended; it just changed form and people have unknowingly supported it by buying items made by slave labor, child labor, or forced labor every day.

The average person consumes products that are tainted by modern-day slavery on a daily basis but is completely unaware. This issue has become such a global problem that slavery today, also known as human trafficking, grosses over 32 billion-dollars worldwide every year.

The issue of social injustice is so widespread that it has infiltrated almost every area of life since modern-day slavery can be traced back to almost every industry from food to fashion, diamonds to toys, coffee, chocolate, and computers.  Slave labor, forced labor and child labor can be used in mining, and too often those basic raw materials find their way into electronics, smartphones, cars, cosmetics, and even jewelry.

The Red Movement advocates for consumerism and business to be used as a force for change. A business model that exploits people or the Earth for profit is the worst kind of white privilege that has been allowed to continue for too long.

The RED MOVEMENT offers educational information regarding human trafficking around the world and and its connection to the destruction of the environment.  Environmental justice is a human rights issue. 

Human trafficking is prevalent in almost every industry from the coffee we drink to the chocolate we devour and even the clothes we wear. These industries have been tainted by modern-day slavery.  And a dark veil has consistently been placed over consumers’ eyes to keep them from knowing the simple dirty secret – child and slave labor are growing around the world and we, as shoppers, are the number one supporters with every poor purchasing choice we make.

Our purchasing choices unintentionally support corporations that mistreat their workers, dump toxic chemicals into the environment, and use slave labor, child labor, and/or forced labor to create their products sold around the world.  We support global sporting events that contribute to sex trafficking and slavery often blindly.

We often don’t realize how our purchasing choices have an impact.  And how each of us is an activist buy the things we buy and support.

Every. Single. Day